Classic homes in San Francisco are like vintage jewels.

Clients of ours recently purchased a 100-year-old Victorian in Laurel Heights. Its large size was perfect for their young family, they absolutely loved the neighborhood, and they were excited to truly make the home their own.

They wanted a home sophisticated enough for hosting cocktail parties, but relaxed enough with a casual, comfortable feel to enjoy stress-free with their kids.

The living room can play host to a cocktail party on Friday night and be a space for the kids to play on Saturday morning. The whole family loves to climb on the low sofa and look out the window together, watching neighbors walking their dogs or the cars go by.

All the key finishes of the home were updated, including new furniture and lighting to achieve the look and feel they wanted.

If you’re looking to keep the tradition of your classic home alive while updating its interior to fit your modern lifestyle, book a Refined Design Planning session. Together, let’s transform your classic home, your diamond in the rough, into a gem gleaming with life and love.

*This project was designed and project managed by Laura Elliott while working as a Senior Designer and Project Manager for Jeff Schlarb Design Studio