Working on a new home is like painting on a blank canvas there are so many tools, colors, and style options. It’s exciting, but can also be overwhelming if you’re not sure how to start.

A client recently purchased a new home and was over the moon to really make it hers. As a young entrepreneur, she didn’t have the luxury of time to think about, research, and curate the look she wanted. She simply didn’t know how to make what she wanted a reality.

With our help, she realized that she wanted to go bold and out-of-the-box with her home design.

Her whole home was transformed into a fun and creative home, befitting of a successful entrepreneur.

If you feel frustrated or lost in creating a home that’s uniquely you, then book a Refined Design Planning session today. Together we’ll create an action plan to help you organize all your thoughts and desires into the finished home you deserve!

*This project was designed and project managed by Laura Elliott while working as a Senior Designer and Project Manager for Jeff Schlarb Design Studio