A second home is your chance to create a home away from home. It’s a place that’s completely yours, yet it can be a real challenge creating a different feel and experience than your primary residence.

This is exactly what a newlywed couple felt when they purchased a beautiful home in Wine Country. The couple wanted to create a retreat where they could cozy up together while also hosting family and friends for long weekends of connecting and relaxing.

The home was gorgeous, but it was 20 years old, and in need of some serious updates.

After a planning session, we worked together to create the home of their dreams – a retreat where they could bask in the goodness of life (and wine!)… all within a short drive of their Bay Area home.

The couple was so surprised when they first saw the finished home — it was nearly unrecognizable!

We updated the whole design of the house, carefully selecting pieces and colors that reflected each of the couple’s personalities: part rock and roll, part glamour.

We made the home uniquely theirs by commissioning a local artist to create a sculpture in the dining room. This has become a much talked-about piece every time they host, making dining conversation less about the stresses of work and life, and more about the pleasures of living in the moment.

You may not visit your second (or third) home every day, but each time you return, you want it to transport you back to a place of rest and relaxation where you can simply enjoy each moment away from the stresses of your normal routine.

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*This project was designed and project managed by Laura Elliott while working as a Senior Designer and Project Manager for Jeff Schlarb Design Studio