Sea Cliff Residence

San Francisco, CA

This four-story beautiful home was a complete gut renovation, and we even added a lower level with a game room and a guest bedroom suite. The homeowners have a collection of antiques that have been in the family for centuries so we enjoyed the challenge of incorporating these pieces into a more contemporary overall look and feel for the home.

One such piece is referred to lovingly as The Prisoner Chair, innocently nestled in front of the living room window. Carved in elaborate detail from centuries old darkened oak reads an invitation to “Sit and Rest”. It’s creation date of MDCLXV (1665) boldly displayed. Remnants of the hide armrests are barely visible, still surrounded by brass nails. It’s a chair fit for royalty….. until the seat drops and leg irons descend from the chair’s arms!

The top floor of the house is known as The Crows Nest. With views of the Pacific ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge, the room pays homage to both Beantown and the city by the Bay. A picture wall captures elements of both and includes a needlepoint ship, a New England lighthouse and an oil painting of a family patriarch, commissioned in 1824.

The lower level game room also houses items that the homeowners have collected and cherished throughout their lives and even features a mural-sized photograph taken by the client while on an African safari. The clients were over the moon when we came up with this unique way to celebrate & display their incredible experience.

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